Located at the northern end of the Cotentin, in Normandy, the city of Cherbourg is protected by the second largest artificial harbor in the world.


Discover the city center by visiting the Basilica Sainte-Trinité, its various ports, and the Place du Général de Gaulle, with its Italian-style theater, a listed historical monument. Discover the history and crafts of the Cotentin region through the city's museums. The Thomas Henry Museum, dedicated to fine arts, the Liais Museum, dedicated to archaeology and ethnography and the Liberation Museum, which retraces the different stages of the Second World War.


Go on an adventure in the heart of the oceans by visiting the Cité de la Mer, which will allow you to board the Redoutable, the largest visitable submarine in the world. And admire an amazing biodiversity by observing more than 1200 colorful fish. To get there easily, you can stay at the Cherbourg Centre Port hotel. Located 5 minutes from the train station and the port, it will allow you to be close to all amenities.


While staying in Cherbourg, you can enjoy a walk on the sea, to admire the dykes and forts of the great harbor of Cherbourg. Accessible in 10 minutes, the Collignon leisure area is ideal to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the sun and to practice nautical activities.


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